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from draft to distribution

 @Access helps companies systematize the creation and administration of marketing collateral, such as templates, images, brochures, sales presentations, multimedia and web content. From draft to distribution, the entire production and approval workflow is coordinated and made transparent in an integrated, collaborative environment.

@Access will streamline your marketing efforts with:

  • An always-available, central source of up-to-date information for authorized users.

  • A way to integrate and centrally manage information scattered over multiple systems, including those of external partners.

  • A solution to coordinate steps such as approvals, legal reviews and the application of branding guidelines (which will also eliminate many typical sources of error).

THe benefits

  • Integrates with Adobe or document management systems

  • Easily find files, photos, videos, imagery, data and creative files 

  • Create and customize assets for digital marketing

  • Personalize assets and full documents 

  • Convert brand assets to the right format at the right time

  • Publish content across the web

  • Distribute and share brand assets with anyone

  • Control your brand with scale

  • Increased revenue 

  • Increased productivity 

  • Increased security and transparency 

  • Reduced time-to-market 

  • Reduced asset creation costs 

  • Track and adapt with market interaction analytics

  • Gain visibility into asset performance

  • Create, update and track different versions of your assets

Future-Ready Innovation

Asset volumes have doubled over the last 10 years and are trending to double again by 2028. This will lead to more powerful feature-rich Asset Management (AM) solutions to keep up with an organization's need to maintain highly effective communications while keeping a competitive edge on its rivals. DemandOne can supply you with it’s insights into what organizations should expect from these next generation solutions, from game-changing microservices to bespoke and custom front-ends that can be tailored to individual user groups. DemandOne can provide facts and evidence that the features of next generation DAM solutions are already in demand and how many of the most reputable DAM providers are not prepared. With @Access forward thinking, organizations are benefiting from its future-ready innovation.  

innovation through micro services


In layman’s terms, microservice is a small, independent software component that provides a specific function. It is “plugged” together with other microservices and a front-end to create a flexible, distributed software application. 


Most DAM solutions are designed as monolithic applications. This approach is inherently problematic, especially as the solution needs to adapt and adjust to the changing needs of organizations. @Access has been designed with a modulated architecture. Therefore, our ability to change and adapt quickly and cost effectively is inherent. This is important because the foundation for future-facing DAM solutions and microservices must be embraced, not avoided. With @Access, you will not suffer from the pains and pitfalls found with the monolithic applications that take an archaic and inefficient approach in an agile digital era.

why personalization?

 How do you deliver the right offer, price and creative to each current customer or prospect at the times they’re most likely to see and act on it?


How can you intelligently expand your audience of prospects to help convert new customers and achieve growth?


And how can your marketing organization become more agile — able to create and run new, personalized campaigns to microsegments in weeks instead of months?


Studies have revealed these benefits of incorporating personalization into their sales documents.

New client acquisition

costs were

reduced by as

much as 50%

Marketing expenses

dropped by

up to 35%

Time to market was

cut by as

much as 40%



by up to 15%

Advanced Digital Marketing

At its core, a Digital Asset Management system is used to centralize and organize your assets in a single, easy-to-access library where they can be easily found by everyone. However, digital asset management is about more then just collecting your assets in one place. It’s about taking advantage of DAM’s advanced searching, categorization, customization and sharing capabilities to ensure they are properly leveraged by employees, agencies and partners to maximize each asset's potential. Digital marketing as part of an omni-channel or multi-channel approach encompasses all aspects of:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Email Marketing

business contract management.jpg


@Access™ allows integration and offers pre-built APIs to support the process, while easing the burden on your internal I.T. and Web Services departments.


  • CRM Integration direct, indirect, punch out, single-sign-on

  • Fulfillment, eDelivery and print system integration

  • Website integration

  • Sourcing and procurement systems

  • Internal collaboration between users

adobe strong

@Access was developed with certified Adobe experts employed by DemandOne. @Access can be fully integrated with all the Adobe products and across the products' workflow relationships and interaction points. Incorporate Acrobat SDK to drive inter-application workflows and communications. DDE and OLE are supported on Microsoft Windows. Apple Events and Apple Script are supported

on Mac OS. DemandOne supports all Acrobat, Adobe Reader and Certified Plug-Ins. @Access also comes with custom integration and document management plug-ins developed by DemandOne and are ready to use for client integrations and deployments.


Protecting Your Assets

Increased data security as a result of the control a central storage solution brings through administrators reduces the risk of information leaks. It also facilitates the proper control and management of a brand's identity by managing global and local versions of the asset across platforms and workflows for customer engagement. 

@Access rides over a powerful SQL data-base architecture that makes assets easy to find. And with our kiosk-style interface, users will have assets find them based on the purpose and intent of the interaction. Data is your most critical asset. With @Access, our clients receive the best in security and redundancy. Our clients will benefit from our commitment to a tier 4 data center backbone with fully redundant systems. But our commitment doesn’t end there. Our strong emphasis on compliance and secure code scanning sets us apart in an industry in which cloud platforms dominate. 

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