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Drug Samples

Drug Sample Fulfillment

DemandOne combines leading technologies and a deep knowledge of regulatory and operational requirements specific to drug sample accountability and compliance to deliver comprehensive drug sample solutions with the ability to integrate with any CRM, including Veeva. We provide a comprehensive set of services fully supported by our team of compliance experts, including many from the deferral and state agencies. Our staff and solutions will not only withstand any and all compliance audits but will also lead in the accomplishments of your business goals and keep your program operating to the highest level of efficiency.

Warehouse And Storage Solutions

  • Standard literature and product

  • Temperature- and climate-controlled 

    • Refrigerated (2Cº to 8Cº)

    • Freezer (-25Cº to -10Cº)

  • High value and high risk secure

  • Cold chain (unbroken point-to-point)

  • Customized storage and packaging configurations 

  • GMP/GDP compliant 

  • IR barcode refrigerated-driven (real time management)

  • Zero Timeout Environment (ToE) pick packs

  • White clean room

Business Services

  • Call center/order entry

  • Product support – customer service

  • Inspection and quality assurance

  • Testing

  • Database management and analytics

  • Digital marketing and outbound

  • Permissions management (opt in/out)

  • Segmented and channel data collection

  • Custom data imports and exports

  • Data hygiene, match, merge and purge services

  • Channel management

Inventory Item Services

  • Lot control

  • Serialization

  • Returns processing

  • Expiration management

  • Product reconciliation 

  • Daily and weekly cycle counts

  • ADD and AD HOC

  • PI and Med Guide management

  • Formulary update and
    management solutions

  • Consignment and valuation solutions

Order Processing

  • Prescription Rx samples

  • OTC (over-the-counter) samples

  • Veterinary drug samples

  • Nutraceuticals

  • UI system name

  • Order-level kitting

  • Same-day processing

  • Sample and literature integration

  • Dynamic URL and personal URL

  • Pick specific drug sample batch

  • Pick and record drug sample batch


Helping Pharmaceutical Engage and Communicate

DemandOne understands the challenges pharmaceutical companies face throughout the life cycle of their products. We offer specific solutions and services tailored to the needs and challenges for their audience, from R&D through launch and into maturity. 


Whether a pharmaceutical client uses us for drug samples exclusively or as a integrated aspect of a multi-channel solution involving literature, they will see we can provide an expanding set of solutions. In the end, we ease the burden on internal resources and substantially enhance user experience.

Drug Sample Tracking

  • Direct-to-rep 

  • Direct-to-practitioner 

  • Sample accountability and inventory management 

  • Field tracking (HCP to HCP tracking) 


Not only do drug samples require good manufacturing practices, but tracking and reporting to the FDA and DEA are also required. You will need a healthcare fulfillment partner that offers a robust monitoring system with agile tracking. DemandOne manages sample distribution for some of the world’s largest healthcare companies..


We can do the same for you! 

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